Load Bank Trolley


Load Banks are designed for load test to be carried on Single/Three Phase AC/ DC Power Supplies, DG sets, UPS and Inverters etc. We manufacture load banks up to 3000kW suitable for working on Single Phase 230V +5% and 3Phase  400 V +5%  50HzAC supply. The power factor in AC can be variable/adjustable from 0.2 lag to unity to 0.3 lead. The capacities are available from 5kW to 3000kW. The units are available with Stepped & Stepless versions with Manual, Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Controllers. Digital Multi function meters are also available to indicate voltage, current, watt, KVAr, Pf.

The Load Banks are normally designed for continuous operation and are forced air-cooled with auxiliary supply with Independent Controls.

We manufacture following types of Load Bank :

  • Resistive load bank.
  • Inductive load bank.
  • Capacitive load bank.
  • Resistive/Inductive load bank.
  • Resistive/Inductive/Capacitive load bank.
  • Load banks in container 
  • Load bank trolley
Features :
  • Multiple interlocks for human safety.
  • Computer interface facility.
  • Fully Automated Systems available
  • Build in safety for operator.
  • Compact in size.
  • Design is Cascade Fashion
  • Temperature senses are provided in the center of the Load Banks.
  • Load ON-OFF switches with indicator.
  • Inductive loads manufactured by us are noiseless.
  • Fans are mounted as per the design and requirement of the unit.
  • Push buttons for energizing and de-energizing loads with indication.
  • Push Button for fine control of Load Bank
  • Adaptable to Technology Change
  • Upgradable to Higher Capacities
  • Versatile Operation and designed for Various sites, Locations and Weathers.
  • IP44 Protected.
  • Standalone Single unit Upto 1000kW @ 0.6 PF.
  • Designed for Low Heat Generation and Operating within 150 deg C.
  • Designed for use in Ambient Temperature Upto 55 deg Celcius.
  • Air conditioned Control Room Opearated by Aux./Load Supply.
Tech Details
RLC Load Bank
Sr. No.ParametersResistive Load BankIndustive Load BankCapacitive Load Bank
1Capacity5kW to 3000kW5kW to 3000kW5kW to 3000kW
2Input Supply Voltage220/230V, 50/60HZ or 380/400V, 50/60HZ Supply220/230V, 50/60HZ or 380/400V,50/60HZ Supply220/230V,50/60HZ or 380/400V, 50/60HZ Supply
4Cooling Forced AirForced AirForced Air
5ControlsMCB / Contactor Based MCB / Contactor Based MCB / Contactor Based 
 PLC BasedPLC BasedPLC Based
6Material UsedSS-304 / Nicrome Standard inductorsStandard Capacitors

Standard Accessories

  • Discharge rod for Capacitive Load Bank

Optional Accessories

  • Trolley Based System
  • Container Based System
  • All weather system
  • PLC based system