Load Banks by Rectifiers & Elecronics

Rectifiers & Electronics popularly known as RE , established in 1970, is the pioneer organization in the field of AC/DC high voltage test sets and other electrical test equipment in INDIA. In the last 50 Years, through continuous aspiration, 'RE' has earned the goodwill of quality control engineers and research scientists through out the country.'RE' was established in 1970 with a mission to cater to the manufacturers of northern India with the cutting edge technology in the field of electrical testing 'RE' which initiated as a regional concern soon started playing a vital role in the development of the Industry of the entire nation.'RE' is one of the leading exporters of high voltage testing equipment to countries like North America, South America, European Countries, Middle East, South East Asian Countries United Kingdom, Zambia, Kenya, Germany, Dubai, Bangladesh,Bhutan,Nepal,etc.

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